The Sounds of Home

by Morris Mott

Released 2019
Released 2019
These ten down home hymns with Country influenced and southern style arrangements will be enjoyed by those who like to clap their hands and tap their toes, as well as by those who appreciate a moment of quiet reflection.
Morris Mott is an award-winning Christian country music singer.

Mott recorded his first CD, "Beyond Your Dreams," in 2002, and since then, he's had singles scattered across the Christian music charts and was named "Best New Male Vocalist in Christian Country Music in 2003."

Mott didn't start out as a musician, however. Before he was called to country music, he was called to lead others in their spiritual journeys.

"I started pastoring when I was 19 years old," Mott said. "I was the youngest person in the church."

A few years later, a young man who had written songs with several country music industry writers, became a member of the congregation that Morris was serving as a Pastor.

The two formed a partnership and Faith Country Music was born.

"Faith Country Music is designed to encourage people and really build faith and help them really believe in God for the good things he has in store for them," Mott said.

"[When I write music] I try to think how I would feel if I heard this song," Mott said.

Mott has various musical influence, and different audiences often hear snippets of other artists and styles in the minister-musician's music. In addition to being a solo artist, Morris has been involved as a musician with Southern Gospel groups and Bluegrass bands.

Morris' goal is to make sure that the ears his music falls upon soak up not only the melodies, but the message as well.

"I want [audiences] to be able to see the things God wants to do for them," he said. "To see God wants to do good things in their life. When they turn [my music] on, I want them to hear the love God has for them, the plan he has for them I'm presenting to you a God that loves you. If God can do all these things for me, I know he can do those things for you. That's what I want them to get out of the music. Just because life may be difficult, there is something better."