Morris Mott

In July 1983, two days before his eighteenth birthday, Morris Mott answered the call of God to enter into ministry. 

The first year of Morris' ministry was spent in pulpit supply and guest speaking which thrilled his heart.  At nineteen years old, a small rural church, for which he had been helping out during the absence of a pastor, asked him to be their pastor.  Morris was convinced this was part of God’s plan for his life.  In the years to follow, He served as a Pastor for twelve years at four churches.  During his longest tenure, the church he was serving grew from eighty-five to well over two hundred.  This particular church also went debt free, began a radio station and was in the process of purchasing a large parcel of land to build a new ministry campus.  During this time, Morris sensed a full release to enter into the traveling ministry.  

In 2002, Faith Country™ music was born when Morris and James Hightshoe began writing songs that reflected Morris' heartfelt desire to introduce people to a good, loving and caring God.

The music and the favor given to Morris' music by radio professionals around the world are another avenue the Holy Spirit is utilizing to allow Mott Ministries to impact lives through the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Morris is the recipient of the New Male Vocalist Award in Christian Country music and have had numerous songs featured on radio programs and charts, including one that reached number one. 

Morris' latest Nashville project is titled, "The Sounds of Home".  As of July 2020, the album's first single, "Won't It Be Wonderful There" has been on the radio charts for ten months. 

Morris has traveled across the United States and portions of Canada encouraging congregations and introducing men and women to the Good News of a life in Christ. 

In addition to his travels as a minister and Christian Country music artist, Morris serves as the founding Pastor of Christ Church, Plainfield, Indiana.